Personalized Investor Relations

Over the years, Heritage Corporate’s parent company has developed many strong relationships with business professionals, the press, and the trading community. Our Awareness Team operates and associates with many high profile portals, chat rooms, and publications; all of which are frequented by tens of thousands of investors daily. We have established ourselves as a cornerstone of the small and mid-cap communities both as individuals and a corporation. We will utilize our wealth of knowledge in conjunction with our alliances and contacts from around the world to enhance our client’s shareholder and stock volume.

Heritage Corporate has the tools and experience you need to:

  • Expand your shareholder database
  • Enhance relations with shareholders
  • Create environments conducive to investor’s understanding your business
  • Integrate financial media relations
  • Identify and Influence issues that affect your stock

Multilevel Advertising/Direct Market Consulting

Utilizing proprietary advertising channels developed by Heritage Corporate, our Direct Advertising team places your company into the public view through multiple media outlets, using today’s top technologies.

The services provided by our consultants include but are not limited to:

  • Accelerated Market Awareness through mass media blitzes and retail investor communication
  • Search Engine Marketing assuring that online searches related to your company and stock will be directed to your company Investor Information page and/or corporate fact sheet online.
  • Double Opt-In e-mail marketing specifically tiered to your corporation’s ideal target audience and investing demographic on the widest spectrum possible.
  • Hard Mailer/Postcard/Corporate Fact Sheet distribution to potential investors, hedge funds and brokerage houses.
  • Call center contracting through our In House active call center. Allow our IR reps to exhibit the value of your corporation to potential investors, funds and financial centers over the phone.
  • Stock Talk and Direct communication with the online investment community through highly populated and trafficked websites, message boards, blogs and chats.

Raising Capital & Corporate Funding

Utilizing our network of investment bankers, venture capitalists, and private investors, we will obtain the financing needed to expand your current and future operations. Our specialists will work with your team in developing a specialized business plan and will distribute it to our network of qualified investors.

Global Press Release Distribution

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Brand Management/Website Design

An Internet presence is one of today’s most significant marketing strategies. Introducing your company to the World Wide Web will enhance your company’s image and introduce you to immense marketplace potential.

We will work with you from start to finish – from domain name registration, web hosting, web design, to corporate branding, flash animation, marketing, search engine submission, banner advertisements and maintenance. If you already have a website, we can redesign or incorporate new features to your existing site. Each client has different taste, design requirements and business needs. We will work one-on-one with you to determine the best design for your corporation.

For more information, please Contact a Heritage account specialist today.