How much do you charge for your services?

We offer affordable packages for companies of all sizes. Our compensation consists primarily of 144-restricted shares, linking our compensation to our long-term performance. We will do our best to customize a package that is best suited for your company.

If you are interested in receiving a personalized package detailing how we can benefit your company, please Contact Us

What type of companies do you represent?

We represent several companies over a variety of sectors. We have specialists in all areas of expertise, including finance, medicine, law, accounting, technology, entertainment, green (LEED) initiatives and more. We work with micro-cap to large-cap securities, traded on various platforms and exchanges.

How many companies do you currently represent?

Although we usually maintain long-term relationships with our clients, the list of issuers we represent is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, please visit the OTC Markets for our current list of public clients.

How many members make up the Heritage Corporate Team?

The core team of Heritage is comprised of three financial executives. A team of five others comprise the technology, web management and search engine optimization team. A team of approximately 20 others make up the Heritage family of consultants, representing various fields of business.

Do you work with private companies also?

Yes, we work with both private and publicly traded companies. We have Public Relations options for private companies and offer discounted rates based on cash compensation. We have worked with private organizations in the medical, dental, legal and nonprofit fields. For more information, please Contact Us for additional information.